torstai 16. elokuuta 2012


Heya guys! I think I'll get soon new stuff like sewing machine (ah I can finally start making my cosplays for Tracon), table and chair for it and maybe new phone even! Because well my phone one day refused to wake up anymore and now it's been on maintenance almost 3 months and last week they called and said that they can't fix it and they also won't replace it. Fuck you then.

I got job too if someone hasn't yet read it from Twitter. My school starts next Monday and my work starts Tuesday... I guess this will be really busy Autumn again then. I haven't done much so here take some TERA screenshots again!

Oh the times when my warrior was still lvl 37 and had this Pimp Daddy gear

I wanted to try healer class so I made Castanic mystic Nae

Me and my bad husbando vol 1 aka Forest

My brother's Human slayer, me and Matti's Aman Lancer

My Elin Archer Kuu and Sauod's Castanic warrior

Rai being surrounded by ladies

New character: Elin Lancer Nue

We were climbing on mountains when we suddenly end up to place like this. There were no proper colors (I haven't edited these screenshots), no mobs, no background music (it was dead silence there) and only couple NPC's... creepy. I'm sure this is new area they are going to publish later on.

"Bitch what did you say? Did you say my disco ball looks ridiculous!?"

and to end of this entry I'll dedicate to derpy screenshots and also...horses.

"There were whole dungeon room to die and you came and died on top of me... nice"

Where are you watching Sauod...You are being quite obvious here.

how is that even possible?


Found this place with Sauod haha

I have no idea what's going on

"urhg can I just go back to kill stuff already?"

I'm not even sorry!

"15 minutes before servers went down for maintenance. 9 am. So calm"

sunnuntai 5. elokuuta 2012

18 - Warsaw and Krakow -

URGH. These couple weeks have gone really fast! I haven't done anything for my cosplay costumes for Tracon. Mostly because I don't still have money for fabrics and well... to be honest TERA have been more interesting lately. 

I haven't done much. Went to see new Batman movie, met with old classmates (and we end  up going to drink surprise surprise), celebrated my friend's b-day aaaand well I just came back from Poland. My parents kinda planned surprise trip to Warsaw and Krakow hehee. So this entry is going to be really picture heavy. You have been warned.

We arrived at Warsaw on Thursday around 4 pm and went to check our hotel rooms first. We had two rooms. After leaving our bags we just went to walk and check if could find something interesting.

Warsaw / used my fish-eye lens for this

Brothers /Fish-eye lens again

Our hotel's corridors were creepy lol

After walking around couple hours we decided to go buy food and beer from nearest market and go to our hotel rooms.

Heineken is the best beer on the world ;A;♥

We woke up really early next day, packed our stuff and left to train station. We took train to Krakow from Warsaw. And I can tell you: I have never ever had more horrible train trip in my life. It's not like I have used train that much anyway but still. Just imagine this: +30C warm, no air conditioning, horrible thunderstorm, 6 people in small room and I had horrible headache whole the time. It was supposed to last 3 hours but apparently because of the storm we had to stop couple times so  it took over 4 hours. I must say that Finnish trains feels like luxury after that.

Warsaw railway station waiting our train which was 15 minutes late

Another train stopped there too. Then we just sat there in hot train about 30 minutes

After finally arriving Krakow we again searched our hotel and left our bags there. Then we again went to walk around and found our way to old city of Krakow. We were taking pictures (like good tourists do) when suddenly there started to rain like no tomorrow. We went to some church to wait. It was creepy to sit in middle of church and listen how thunder where rumbling outside and people inside of church singing really melancholy with their own language. We got bored for just sitting there so we tried our luck with one huge castle. Wasn't the best idea. We were wet after 5 minutes even tho we tried to be ninjas (because taking umbrellas with us is too mainstream). And that castle was already closed so we couldn't even get inside...

Our hotel...don't judge it was really clean and nice from inside

Dad being tourist

..idk it reminded me of Catherine

In the end we end up going to restaurant and wait until storm ended. After that we walk around for awhile again and then went back to our hotel to get some sleep.

Next day we woke up early again so we could catch bus to Auschwitz. I think it's not even necessary to say how excited I was. I mean I love history and especially things related to second World War. Don't get me wrong, I don't say war or those cruel things Nazi's did were good thing, just interesting. Anyway we had guide who showed us places of concentration camp and told us what cruel things happened there. Damn it was interesting to finally see that place irl. I did not get much pictures tho, because like always I forgot to recharge my camera's batteries. My dad took pictures for me then but I don't know when I'll get those.

Top three interesting things:

1. Block 11 and Dead Wall. Everyone who were placed there knew that they are going to die. They were either shot to death at Dead Wall or tortured to death (starvation or exhaustion) for several reasons, for example trying to escape etc. There were cells underground. There were this thing called Standing Cell. It was really really small place where they put 4 people. They couldn't sit nor sleep properly. They worked normally during day (11h per day) and then they were put there. Those died soon for exhaustion. Then there were Starvation Cells where people did not get food nor water.

2. Block 10: Medical experimentation block where doctors mostly did some experiments for women trying to figure out sterilization via infection or x-ray. Like everyone must know Nazis did some medical experiments using their prisoners as guinea pigs and most famous one is Josef Mengele who did experiments with twins.

3. Auschwitz's first gas chamber before they build Birkenau. It's also only gas chamber what Nazis did not destroy.

We used 2 hours there and then we continued our trip to Birkenau, which was the actual extermination camp. I don't have any pictures from there yet but I can tell you: that place was huge! There used to be 5 gas champers/crematoria tho all of those were in ruins now because Nazis destroyed them before Russians attacked to camp. Also half of the buildings were either destroyed or collapsed. I just can imagine how hard life people who were prisons there had. It was again +30C warm and I almost felt like dying from walking 3 hours...and those people worked in much worse conditions 11 hours per no wonder so many died.

I'm still bit excited of seeing both of those camps irl and well now I feel like reading every single book of Mengele and Auschwitz. Hard to imagine that not that long ago in that same place about 1.1 mil. people died either because or starvation, sickness, exhaustion or then they were gassed to death.

After our tour ended we came back to Krakow, went to pick our bags from hotel and left back to Krakow's railway station. This time our train trip back to Warsaw wasn't that painful and 3 hours went pretty fast.
After arriving back to Warsaw we went to drop our bags to hotel and went to check old town of Warsaw. We had some problems with our hotel's guards since they did not speak a single English word and well I really doubt that they even understood what we tried to way lol. I don't have any pictures from Warsaw 's old town either since I didn't have time to recharge my camera's batteries. We went to eat and just checked nightlife of Warsaw.

Next day we again just walk around and then soon left to airport. I didn't have any money so I didn't buy anything. Dad bought me Jack Daniel's t-shirt, chocolate and booze tho so I'm more than happy lol. Everything was so cheap. Like that booze were 27 zloty aka 6 €

Now I have horrible travel fever. I'm already planning of going to Japan Expo to Paris next year if I just get company and money, I just want to see biggest con of Europe with my own eyes.

Ah how I missed internet during these 4 days. And TERA. So I'll go to play TERA now cya!

PS. I have job interview on Tuesday wish me luck!